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Afy Fabrik Wangi Spray Strawberi 650ML


D’menc Fabric Freshener With Antibac 99.9% 650ml – Strawberry
Features :
1. Instantly refresh your fabric with malodour counteractant technology
2. Reaches deep into fabric and eliminates unpleasant smell.
2. Eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that cause bad smell
3. Long lasting scent
4. Easily refresh the whole room

Direction of use:
1. Turn trigger to “ON”
2. Shake and spray 20cm distance from fabric
3. Dry the fabric well after spray
4. Turn the trigger “OFF” after use
5. Use as often as you want freshness

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You will receive:
1 x D’menc Fabric Freshener 650ML (Strawberry)

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