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Afy Serai Wangi Repellent Candle 110gm


SWiPEL® Candle (Serai Wangi) 80g + EXTRA 30g

1. Consist of 110g x 1 candle
2. SWIPEL Flies Repel Candle help to repel flies with its strong fresh aroma
3. Also effective against mosquito, fruitflies, midge etc
4. Repels bugs naturally
5. Burn time around 7hours per candle

For optimal result:
1. Light candle at least 10 minutes before using the place to allow the product to take effect.
2. For outdoor use, light the candle at places with minimal breeze such as balconies, courtyards and patios.

How to use:
1. Remove all packaging
2. Place the candle on a heat resistant and flat surface
3. Light up the candle
4. Extinguish candle by blowing gently to avoid splashing

Storage and disposal:
To reuse, allow to cool for at least 30 minutes.
Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight
Dispose according to local regulation

Handling tips:
– Keep out of children and pets
– Read label before use. Failure to follow instruction may result in fire hazard and personal injury.
– When in use, keep the candle away from combustible materials or overhanging objects
– Do not cover the candle
– Do not leave lit candle unattended
– Do not move or tilt while lit or before the liquid harden

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